Grow microgreens with Pikes Peak Urban Gardens!

Microgreens are a prefect window crop to grow on a bright window sill in the short days of winter. These little sprouts are packed full of vitamins and nutrients; you can use a small handful each day to top a plate of eggs, your sandwich, or to add flavor and variety to any dish.

Here are the materials needed to get started:
– Two 10” x 20” growing trays that nest inside each other
– Clear cover to rest over top the trays
– Organic potting mix
– Microgreen seeds
– Watering can and optional spray bottle
– Window location with bright sunlight or a grow light

1. Begin by selecting a bright location where your microgreens can grow undisturbed. A grow light can be used as well to grow the microgreens in any convenient location.
2. Check the inner tray, make sure there are holes for drainage. The bottom tray will act as a saucer to catch the excess water.
3. Moisten your potting mix with the spray bottle or watering can, adding water until the potting mix can be squeezed into a loose ball and hold the shape.


4. Spread an even layer of the moistened potting mix in the top planting tray. It should be 1” to 1.5” deep.
5. Pick out your microgreens, you can plant one tray with the same seed or mix the seeds all together. At PPUG we are growing microgreens from seeds of radish, a salad blend, broccoli, and parsley.


6. Densely spread the seeds over top of the potting mix. The microgreens can be harvested as soon as they develop two leaves so they do not need even spacing or rows. Spread a very thin layer of potting soil over top of the seeds and cover with a clear dome or lid. This covering will keep in moisture and warmth while the seeds germinate. Check the seed tray daily and lightly water or mist if the potting mix appears dry.
7. Within a week the first of the seeds will have sprouted and you can remove the dome or lid from top of the tray. Begin misting or gently watering twice a day and make sure the sprouts are receiving 4 -8 hours of sunlight and/or grow light coverage.
8. As soon as the first two leaves form it is time to harvest!

Thu Tran